Firefighters Gain Upper Hand on Lightning Caused Fires

SPRINGVILLE, CA – Firefighters have managed to contain seven out of the nine lightning caused fires discovered this week in the Western Divide Ranger District, Giant Sequoia National Monument and Sequoia National Forest.  All but the Crest and Castle Fires have been contained and will be monitored until they can be declared out.

The Crest Fire is located on the ridge south of Wishon Campground on a rock face that is not accessible by ground crews. This fire is in a single tree with minimal ground fire, and is not expected to grow unless burning material rolls downslope.

The Castle Fire, located in the Golden Trout Wilderness, is burning in steep terrain with burning snags and rolling material.  These hazards have made it difficult for firefighters to safely build fireline. Efforts will be made again today to line the fire, tying into nearby natural barriers.

Once lightning caused fires are contained, they will be monitored for growth and additional action will be taken if needed.  Firefighter and public safety are the Forest Service’s number one consideration in all wildland fire management decisions.

Fire officials will be utilizing Jerkey Meadow Trailhead for parking and staging equipment and personnel. To avoid congestion at Jerkey Meadows, backcountry travelers are encouraged to enter the Golden Trout Wilderness through a different trailhead.

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