Firefighters Continue to Suppress Lightning Caused Fires

SPRINGVILLE, CA – Numerous lightning strikes ignited seven wildland fires in the Western Divide Ranger District, Giant Sequoia National Monument and Sequoia National Forest over the weekend. The following fires were discovered and are in different stages of being suppressed.

Jordan Fire (1/10 acre) and the Lookout Fire (10X15 feet) are both located near Jordan Peak Lookout. Both have been lined and the trees that were struck by lightning have burned and fallen on their own. Crews will continue to mop up hot spots and hope to have these two fires in patrol status by Monday evening. Firefighters are hiking into the Jacobsen Fire, also located near Jordan Peak Lookout, today.

The Crest Fire is located on the ridge south of Wishon Campground on a rock face that is not accessible. This fire is in a single tree with minimal ground fire, and is not expected to grow unless burning material rolls downslope. Water will be dropped on it from a helicopter as needed and it will be monitored for any growth.

Four fires were discovered burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness, three new fires from this weekend’s storms and one fire, the Castle Fire (started July 5th) was found to be spreading outside the existing fire line. Crews are headed into the Castle Fire today with logistical support being provided by pack trains of mules and horses.

The Clicks (20X20 feet) and Parole (15X20 feet) Fires are both single trees struck by lightning with minimal ground fire. Smoke jumpers were able to access these two fires yesterday; they continue to work on suppressing the Clicks Fire while the Parole Fire was contained at 7 p.m. Sunday night.

The Cabin Fire is actually two trees struck by lightning that are fifty feet apart. Each tree had ground fire burning underneath and will be suppressed as a single fire utilizing natural barriers.

Storms continue to pass through the southern sierra mountains and bring the threat of lightning and more fires. Lightning caused fires can go undetected for days or weeks until forest materials dry enough to allow flames to spread.

Forest Service firefighters will continue to engage wildfires in ways that reduce risk to firefighter and public safety, property, infrastructure, and valuable natural and cultural resources.

At this time there are no trail or road closures in the Western Divide Ranger District. Fire officials will be utilizing Jerkey Meadow Trailhead for parking and staging equipment and personnel.  To avoid congestion at Jerkey Meadows, backcountry travelers are encouraged to enter the Golden Trout Wilderness through a different trailhead.

“Even though we’ve had some rain, I would like to remind our visitors that fire restrictions are still in effect and campfires and briquette barbecues are currently prohibited on the Forest,” stated District Ranger Eric LaPrice.

Visitors are asked to call ahead to check on conditions and obtain weather forecasts prior to travel in the mountains.  Please call (559) 539-2607 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for latest fire and weather updates.
(via US Forest Service)

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