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During Halloween each year Silver city offers special lantern light tours of the site. In 2007 the first night tour was held on the evening of Oct. 27th. During the course of the tour the visitors and guide, J. Corlew, entered "Wormie Annie's" building. Members of the tour group and Corlew had taken numerous photos which showed light "orbs" in other buildings that evening. Capturing orbs on film or digital cameras has become an almost routine occurrence at Silver City (especially in the jail and several other buildings) in recent years. Many people believe orbs are evidence of a haunted presence. Corlew took a photo of some of the members of the tour group and immediately noticed several orbs in the photo on the digital camera which he showed to the visitors. Later after looking closer at the photo on a computer monitor he was startled to see what appears to be a human figure in the window behind the tours guests
(story continued below photo).

Silver City Ghosts

He cropped the original photo to have a closer look at the window and realized that the
image had a remarkable resemblance to Wormie Annie herself. The next day Corlew took
a photo of a painting on display in the Apalatea/Burlando house
(showing Wormie Annie) and compared the two images side by side.
The results are here for all to evaluate for themselves (story cotinued below photos)

Wormie Annie

"Wormie Annie" Sullivan owned the Ghost Town property over half a century ago. She was called "Wormie Annie" because she sold live worms to anglers in a stand out front and because she had a penchant for wearing clothing with large holes in them. Wormie Annie passed on in her home behind Silver City many years ago. The building (where this photo was taken) is sometimes referred to as the "boat house", and is believed to be the location of her worm farm. It is about 100 feet from her former home which is still standing and is (according to several former occupants) haunted itself. The boat house is the future site
of a saloon museum display at Silver City. It is to be named "Wormie Annie's" Saloon in her honor.

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